Shoes Distribution

For an underprivileged child in villages, the path to school is arduous – from the tropical heat to rubble on the streets to stagnant water following the monsoons breeding disease – every step is fraught with danger, quite literally. These children are most often barefoot, while a few wear ill-fitting second-hand footwear or shoes that are fraying to the point of being threadbare from constant use. On 1st February 2019, YOU WE CAN came forward and distributed shoes and help our NEEV’s champs. Team from U we can, modinagar visited the slum class and distributed 40 pairs of shoes to the children of the classes, also they distributed tooth brushes, and eatables to all the children. They have provided 240+ shoes to the children in all the udgam neev classes. U guys have always been a support to NEEV and Udgam and we are always delighted with your association and its nice to see you guys always full of energy. We thank all the members for coming. And last but not the least we thank all our hardworking volunteers for their constant support always.

– Glimpse –