Our Story

India is a country having more than 1.25 Billion of population and roughly 70% of its population is living in villages. Ancient India had a great educational history and had produced lots of renounced and learned scientists and scholars. But as the Indian population is increasing day-by-day, we need more and more scholars, technicians, professors, doctors, engineers, managers, Industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists etc. for the development of our nation and to generate the opportunities for its masses. The only way by which we can create all these opportunities and made our country the greatest in the world is by education. Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one’s awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one’s rights – and in the process, help him/her evolve as a better citizen.

NEEV: Believe in possibilities. Believe in youth potential. Believe in our self and we will have the power to change our society.

But the education should be reached to every citizen of the country irrespective of its cast, creed, monetary status etc. In urban areas education level is good; students find good schools and colleges from where they can gain knowledge and take part in national development. But these opportunities are very less in rural, tribal and slum areas of our country. One has to focus on the population living in villages as more less privileged population is living there, also as they are the citizen of this country and have equal rights to have good education. But present situation of rural, tribal and slum areas education is not good. Although, less privileged part of the nation needs more focus on education system. Over 25% of the class 5th students in government schools find difficulty in reading and writing as well as dividing 100 with 5 and we are willing to be world super power. This is the ground reality unfortunately. As a citizen it is our responsibility to understand the real scan of the problem, effect on our national fabric and do something about it.
NEEV (National Educational Enrichment in Villages) is one step initiative of IIT Alumni that is directed to build a possible solution for larger national goals of education. It is a matter of fact that Currently, this initiative is in operation in 5 villages in Partapur, Meerut and one slum area near Lalkurti. One class is going to be started in Vijay Nagar (Ghaziabad) slum area, and some in U.K. and Haryana in near future. More than 15 grass root level teachers and a volunteer team of 30 young professionals are working on ground for this initiative.

The main aim of NEEV initiative is